Nothing beats distinguished craftsmanship
At Stolab, we run a small-scale furniture manufacturing facility where pure craftsmanship merges with advanced, automated machine technology. We strive to be the best at woodworking. And we also have close collaboration with incredibly talented suppliers. One of whom is stone mason Rob Krieger who manufactures the marble table tops for our Tureen table range.

Rob Krieger, stone mason
”I started as an apprentice in Australia and the UK. That’s how I learned the craft itself. I was later able to develop my skills in stone cutting, architectural construction, interior design, sculptures and more.”
After many successful years in the UK, Rob moved to Sweden. Following a number of years in employment, he started his own company which now goes under the name of Rob Krieger Stone AB. Among his customers, you will find architects, artists, designers and manufacturers such as Stolab and Ballingslöv.

Each table top poses a new challenge
When it comes to our Tureen table tops, Rob starts with raw slabs of Italian marble which he then reduces with a machine to the right size with a rounded edging. Using an angle grinder, he manually sculpts out the sink in each marble slab. Then the table top is polished and impregnated before being delivered to Stolab in Smålandsstenar. No further maintenance of the table top is needed in the future.
”Each slab and type of material brings challenges with it. It is the varied nature of the natural materials, creative process and knowledge of where the end result is that really makes me love what I do.”

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