Stolab has been manufacturing Windsor style chairs as its signature product since 1910. Its comfort, stability and timeless style remains the essence of our DNA to this day. We produce solid wood furniture with a high level of craftsmanship and quality.  Having our own production in Smålandsstenar means that we have the privilege of having control over the entire value chain. We check the material when it arrives. We perform and evaluate every step of our production, except for certain items that are performed by specialists in their field, and we check and package the furniture. We see it as an automated industrial production that lives up to handcraft standards and where people feel good.

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Wood and textile, two factories

Since 2016, the Albin brand has been part of Stolab's portfolio. An acquisition that gave Stolab access to many years of experience in sewing and manufacturing upholstered furniture. Today, all our cushions and upholstered furniture are produced in our newly renovated factory in Hyssna.

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