Photo: Marcus Crépin Sundström


On S:t Eriksplan 1 in Stockholm you will find Portal Restaurant, Bar and Culinary Studio in their magnificently beautiful and bright premises with such a high ceiling that there is room for an additional level, which currently houses a large table for private seating. Portal is owned and run by Klas Lindberg. When he opened his restaurant in 2016, the starting point was for it to be timeless, accessible and sustainable and to serve well-made, uncomplicated food with a focus on flavour. And in this, he has been successful. In August, it was once again time to re-inaugurate the restaurant following an extensive renovation that provided it with an open kitchen, chambre séparée, a studio kitchen and a large kitchen island in the form of a grand table that seat 34 guests. 

And from the beginning, Stolab’s Hundranian chairs and Miss Holly bar stools have been part of it.

Klas Lindberg 
”Finally, I was able to bring to life a holistic gastronomic concept for Portal - a dream of mine. The new, open kitchen and spaces for gathering make everything meld together in a living, intimate way among chefs, serving staff and guests. It offers another realm of socialising and inclusion. We can care for our guests in a much better way, from the minute they come in, take a seat at the bar and eventually leave the restaurant. The open kitchen enables us to demonstrate the artistry that goes into our cooking.” 

High-quality interior design and menus 
”My thought from the very beginning was to bring the same level of stringent requirements we impose on our food into our interior design. This is why we have put such an emphasis on selecting sustainable materials and timeless design. We want to be characterised by continuity through time. Wood and natural stone are used consistently on our premises.

In addition to expanding the premises, we have also updated the original restaurant for even more comfort and wellbeing. Here we have kept Stolab’s furniture. Stolab’s Hundranian is an excellent fit for our restaurant. It is easy to move and stack, which is an absolute necessity as we are constantly moving tables and chairs to suit our bookings. And despite many years of use, these chairs still look great.”

Photo: Marcus Crépin Sundström

The Portal Restaurant is great for small or large parties, business lunches, spontaneous dinners in the bar or just to hang out over a glass of wine. The restaurant was awarded the Di Årets Affärskrog (Business Restaurant of the Year) distinction in 2016 and once again rose to the top when a new test was completed in November of this year. Stolab has provided the restaurant with Hundranian oak dining chairs with leather seats and Miss Holly oak bar stools.

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Photo: Marcus Crépin Sundström

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