Our furniture has nothing to hide  
Our range is a result of close cooperation with our designers. We work with designers who think sustainability and create sustainable furnitures that are a good representation of Stolab and Scandinavian design and what 
it stands for. Our furniture is meant to be seen, which is why we have nothing to hide.  

Sustainability is also timeless 
For us, sustainability is synonymous with timelessness. We strive to make furniture that clearly has soul and character. Furniture that is truly contemporary, but where its quality, design and function only makes it more beautiful with time and it can be used and appreciated by many generations to come.  

We can never predict what will become future classics. However, the wisdom we have gained from more than one hundred years' experience of furniture making means we know what has to be done to create the right conditions for a piece of furniture in the future to be labelled as a classic. 

We count annual rings
We have chosen to work with solid wood from birch, ash and oak. These trees harmonise well with our furniture design and the feeling for wood we want our furniture to convey. Working with solid wood also means feeling great respect for the raw material. Before the raw material reaches us in Smålandsstenar, it has taken about 60 years for birch wood to reach the right quality. Ash takes about 100 years, and for oak we count about 120 annual rings, rings that make their own distinctive impression both in terms of finish and sustainability.