Our actions today make an impression on future generations and become the hallmark of Stolab. We have an underlying belief that, although we may be a small part of a greater context, we nonetheless make a difference. We should ensure that we do whatever we can to contribute to a healthy environment. This is why we give a little extra thought when making decisions. We want to make a positive contribution rather than a negative impact, which includes our products, our work environment and our manufacturing facilities.

For us sustainability and timelessness are synonymous. We striv to make furniture that clearly has soul and character. Furniture that is truly contemporary, but where its quality, design and function only makes it more beautiful with time and it can be used and appreciated by many generations to come.


It’s here that things get real
We endeavour to run a small-scale, efficient manufacturing facility in which a high level of technology goes hand in hand with craftsmanship in a way that distinguishes Stolab. We do this by investing in employee expertise and combining valuable craftsmanship with investments in modern manufacturing technology that suits our needs and demands on quality. This allows us to ensure that we will be able to continue to offer a competitive manufacturing facility in Sweden, even in the future. Manufacturing that also entails a creative environment for product development and a healthy working environment for our employees.

Sustainability a prerequisite
Thinking sustainably is not just something we chose to do but is a prerequisite. It is therefore also something we really take seriously, but also think is fun and inspirational. Our high sustainability demands mean that we surround ourselves with suppliers, employees and customers with the same sustainability values.

In-house manufacturing means full control of the entire chain
Our own manufacturing facility in Smålandsstenar ensures we can have full control of the entire value chain. All inbound materials are checked. We carry out and assess every step in our manufacturing facility, in addition to certain elements carried out by specialists in their field, and we conduct a final check and pack the furniture. Sustainability is also about having a healthy working environment where employees are happy and satisfied.

Waste time
Our aim is not to throw away any materials, if it is possible to use them in any way. Any materials that cannot be used to make a new furniture detail and the sawdust from sawing, drilling and milling are used primarily to fuel our own boiler. As a result we are completely self-sufficient when it comes to fuel.

We used 16,000 waste pieces in our manufacturing facility in 2018 that would otherwise have been discarded. We have, for example, recycled table tops and turned these into chair back spindles, seats and shelves.


Our furniture has nothing to hide
Our range is a result of close cooperation with our designers. We work with designers who think sustainability and create sustainable furnitures that are a good representation of Stolab and Scandinavian design and what it stands for. Our furniture is meant to be seen, which is why we have nothing to hide.

Sustainability is also timeless
For us, sustainability is synonymous with timelessness. We strive to make furniture that clearly has soul and character. Furniture that is truly contemporary, but where its quality, design and function only makes it more beautiful with time and it can be used and appreciated by many generations to come.

We can never predict what will become future classics. However, the wisdom we have gained from more than one hundred years’ experience of furniture making means we know what has to be done to create the right conditions for a piece of furniture in the future to be labelled as a classic.

We count annual rings
We have chosen to work with solid wood from birch, ash and oak. These trees harmonise well with our furniture design and the feeling for wood we want our furniture to convey. Working with solid wood also means feeling great respect for the raw material. Before the raw material reaches us in Smålandsstenar, it has taken about 60 years for birch wood to reach the right quality. Ash takes about 100 years, and for oak we count about 120 annual rings, rings that make their own distinctive impression both in terms of finish and sustainability.

New Life™

New Life™ is a concept we have created at Stolab to promote ideas, projects and products that, in some way or another, create opportunities for new life within our field of activity. New Life offers concrete examples of how sustainability can be merged with Stolab's growth and development as a company. 

From waste to chair 
We can also make seats for the Lilla Åland children's chair using waste left over from the manufacture of Lilla Åland chairs.

From table top to table top
Sometimes we can find a table top with a defect, and when this is removed, we can make the top for instance into a smaller one for the Yngve coffee table.

How 14 waste pieces can be made into an entirely new stool
Lilla Snåland is an upcycling stool, entirely created and designed on the concept of making using of waste that otherwise would be discarded or burnt. Lilla Snåland is made using 14 pieces of waste left over from cutting the ends off the Lilla Åland seat before it is turned. 

The Widemar armchair, the Palle stool, the Pinnockio Windsor chair and the Arka lounge chair are examples of where old drawings and models from renowned designers have been adapted to a modern manufacturing line, where craftsmanship and machining are combined in a distinctive way.