Surface treatments & Colors

We use environmentally-friendly, water-based lacquer, which provides a durable, intact  surface that remains beautiful year after year. Our traditional natural lacquer produces a softer surface, while our clear matt lacquer has a structure that highlights the wood grain.

A proven craftsmanship that suits solid wood extremely well. A surface that is treated with oil produces a natural wood feel which can be maintained with the right type of care. In order to produce as light a nuance as possible, we normally use a so-called white oil. If you would prefer a natural oil that gives a slightly darker tone to the oak, you should specify natural oil.

Standard Colours 
At Stolab, we have selected 13 standard colours for you to choose from when you order furniture from us. It is always difficult to do full justice to each colour in a photograph. For this reason, we use the NCS colour system, which enables you to ’read’ the colours in as informative a way as possible.  We have divided our colours into two segments: Stolab’s blended standard colours and Stolab’s neutral standard colours. The neutral elemen-tary colours consist only of black and white in different intensities.

Mix and match
All our colours have been developed to be  suitable for furniture with oiled, clear- or white- lacquered surfaces. The colours are mostly also matched with one another, to enable you to blend different colours on our furniture.

Would you like a different colour?
We can also lacquer our furniture in other NCS colours at an additional cost.