Frida school, Gothenburg 

A modern school with the focus on pupils and on learning

The Frida school, near Sankt Jörgens Park in Norra Hisingen, is a very special school, or rather an educational landscape in a school in continuous development. At Stolab, we are proud to have been able to supply 110 Lilla Åland chairs in solid birch for the school's restaurant. 

The interior fittings for the school in Gothenburg were designed by a working group consisting of representatives from the Frida school, Tengbom and Input Interiör. Tengbom also designed products unique to the project. 

Magnus Westlin, project manager of the Frida project at Input in Västra Frölunda
”The Frida school is an excellent model of how a school can be designed to stimulate learning and development in its pupils, but also to form a wonderful working environment for teachers and other staff. We have received incredibly good feedback from pupils, parents and teachers. We sensed immediately that Stolab's Lilla Åland chair would fit perfectly in the school's restaurant, partly from a design point of view but also from an environmental perspective.” 

School's staff and pupils involved
The primary school and pre-school were designed by Björn Sahlqvist Arkitektbyrå on the basis of the Frida school's thoughts and ideas. The Frida school's staff and pupils from the Frida school in Vänersborg were involved in the process of developing the designs. 

Architect Björn Sahlqvist describes the school like this:
”The Frida school is a vision of a hut up in the trees where, like Yggdrasil, the world-tree, the tree of knowledge, the dew of knowledge drips down from the branches over all the pupils in the school.” 

Pupils climb up the tree of knowledge 
The pupils begin their schooling down at the bottom on the ground floor, in the introductory and first years. They then climb higher and higher with the passing years, and reach year eight and can soon stand on their own two feet. Then they return to the entrance level to complete their attendance at the school. 

An educational landscape with its eye on the pupil 
The school is a square building, constructed simply around its geometrical shape, but with a central inner through room that connects all the floors. The idea was to aim for a flexible solution where teaching and individual study can arise spontaneously, in principle anywhere at all, and where room formations and learning environments can be re-designed and group sizes can be varied. 

An educational landscape in a school in continuous development
A transparent design where a pupil can see but also be seen. 

Sustainable development 
The Frida school's aim is to lead the way in Sweden with regard to well-being and social climate. In terms of sustainable long-term development, its aim is to be an ecologically sustainable organisation. This means that it chooses to use materials that minimise environmental impact in a global perspective. This includes segregating, reducing transport, and buying primarily ecological and locally-produced goods. Electricity for the premises comes from wind power. The Frida schools have also succeeded, as the first schools in the Nordic region, in having the Nordic swan ecolabel for all their school restaurants. 

The Frida school was designed by Björn Sahlqvist ArkitektStudion AB, who also designed the nearby St Jörgen Park Resort. 

Photo: Bert Leandersson 

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