Autoropa. A place where dreams come true and are kept alive
Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and McLaren. Brands that tickle the senses and that we can all relate to in one way or another. And your senses are certainly tickled when you visit Autoropa in Malmö. A full-service company for carefully selected exclusive cars. A place where nothing is left to chance. A place where dreams can come true, or simply be kept alive for those who wish. It is also a place for our Miss Holly bar stool and table, Wrap easy chair and Tureen nesting table. All designed by Jonas Lindvall and manufactured by Stolab in Smålandsstenar.

Autoropa's story has its beginnings in 1934 and, in the years since, has seen everything from the manufacturing of the Hudson motor car to the sales of aircraft. Autoropa has also been an authorised retailer and shop for a number of car brands.

In the beginning of the 90s, they also started selling and servicing exclusive cars. It was such a success that it ended up being the foundation of Autoropa's continued business idea. A direction that the Larsson brothers, Filip and Jens, took to new levels when they acquired the company in 2002. Today, they conduct business in five different locations in Stockholm and Malmö.

Jens Larsson, part-owner and interior manager at Autoropa
"Sweden has a long history of sports cars. There has always been a market for exclusive cars and customers who make great demands, not only during the purchase itself, but throughout ownership. We decided early on that we would be the best in the industry by consistently delivering quality, service, expertise and the ever-so-important finishing touch – giving customers the best experience, creating long-term loyalty. All the events we organise are an important part of these efforts. In order to be the best, we need to have knowledgeable, dedicated employees who are proud to represent Autoropa. And we combine our people with superior presentations of our concept in venues that are a touch above the rest in terms of interiors and exteriors. Our ability to think holistically is critical for delivering great experiences to our customers."

Escape to the car showroom
"Our clientele is extremely homogeneous and we are good at being seen in the right contexts. Regardless, it is important to us that our showroom be a place of escape for those who dream of these cars and that they have the opportunity to stroll around and look at a plethora of wonderfully stylish cars, all in one place. This is one of the reasons we have windows for looking into our service and maintenance hall for our own and our customers' cars. It should be possible to see our entire operations."

The car showroom's meeting point has achieved Pole Position. The Miss Holly bar stools and table, Wrap easy chair and Tureen nesting table all come from Stolab. The kitchen island in reddish Sequoia marble is from Ballingslöv and manufactured by Rob Krieger, who also manufactured the marble Tureen table tops.

Raised and solid
We have been collaborating with Jonas Lindvall for a long period of time, which is why it was only natural to give him the task of designing "the meeting point" in which customers and employees alike can have a seat. The area consists of a raised podium at the centre of the showroom – a place where 'solid' takes the shape of a kitchen island and table tops of solid marble and furniture of solid wood.
Jonas Lindvall, architect and designer
"Exclusiveness has a lot to do with material choices. The reddish Sequoia marble of the Ballingslöv kitchen island goes remarkably well together with the oiled oak of Stolab's furniture. The contrasts between these and the cars are very exciting."

Three traditions meet
"The basic idea behind my Autoropa interior design was to find materials and suppliers that not only match Autoropa's environment, but that also have a value base that rhymes with Autoropa's. We're talking about three totally different product areas, cars, kitchen design and furniture, but all three companies have a long history of building up an enormous knowledge bank in each area.  Here, there is a real, genuine passion for what they do with managers that are truly uplifting and caring of all their employees. The work environment is an important part of this mindset."
Jens Larsson, part-owner and interior manager at Autoropa
"We are really happy with the results and are constantly receiving positive feedback from our visitors."

The entirety that determines the experience
In addition to selling and servicing Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and McLaren and being the authorised service partner for Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover, the company holds 150 to 160 events a year, of which Autoropa Racing Days is the most notable. An annual convention where you not only have the opportunity to see an astonishing range of sports cars, but also to test drive them on a track. There is one other part-owner of the company, namely Martin Nelson, a racing driver and also manager of Autoropa's own racing team.

As one of very few companies in the world, Autoropa enjoys the position of being an authorised service point of the McLaren F1 super car, a limited-edition car manufactured between 1993 and 1998.

Photos: Max Alm-Norell, Ballingslöv

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