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Being a Swedish furniture manufacturer means encounters with many interesting people and contexts. Here you can read more about some of them.


Miss Holly

Miss Holly with added elegance

At Stolab they talk a lot about "aesthetic sustainability", about the importance of furniture that lasts over time, not just from a functional or manufacturing perspective, but furniture that gives the viewer an experience. Something that stirs the emotions and engages. At Stolab they want to make furniture that you want to create a relationship with, not just something in the crowd.

Stolab The Photogallery 20232140.jpg Smoked oak

The finish - smoked oak

Now we are launching the new smoked oak finish. It is a surface treatment that adds a sober feeling and emphasizes the lines and soft contours of the series, which will now become a regular surface treatment in the range.

Stolab The Photogallery 20232485 (kopia).jpg Tomorrows classics

Tomorrows classics

Using the natural beauty of wooden surfaces as our starting point, we aim to help our customers and end-users to furnish environments by emboldening them to think beyond white, black and grey.

Miss button klädd sits.jpg Miss Button upholstered

Miss Button invites you to sit comfortably

A product that demonstrates Stolab’s impressive craftsmanship in the convex design of its three-dimensional seat. A stool that feels both familiar and yet groundbreakingly new in its expression. Miss Button is indisputably a show-off among stools – and it is now also available with a padded seat.

Stolab© Lilla Snåland 0401.jpg From waste to a unique stool

Lilla Snåland stool

Already in 2016, we were inspired by a then unknown designer to start working with "up cycling". To think new when it comes to transforming waste into new products and which today is part of our daily focus. Lilla Snåland is a three-legged stool where 14 waste pieces from Lilla Åland are glued together into a seat. The podium quickly received a lot of attention and has already been nominated for, and received, several awards.

_A6A5112-Medium-Rez.jpg Nothing beats a distinctive craftsmanship

Rob Kreiger, stonemason

At Stolab, we have a small-scale furniture production where pure craftsmanship is combined with advanced and automated machine technology. We should be the best at what we do when it comes to woodworking. We also work closely with incredibly talented suppliers. One of these is the stonemason Rob Krieger, who makes the marble tops for our table series Tureen.

Stolab Villa Jagersro Lerum 2023-081006 (kopia).jpg Campaign with retailers

Buy 6 chairs, get one for free

At the end of September and during October, we want to offer our end customers the 6th chair on the purchase of Lilla Åland chair & Miss Holly chair in all standard colors and finishes. The activation will run from 21/9 - 9/10, at our retailers.