Being a Swedish furniture manufacturer means encounters with many interesting people and contexts. Here you can read more about some of them.
Smoked Oak Oil

Lilla Åland 80 years

Lilla Åland – the iconic stick-back chair that has become a symbol of Swedish furniture production is 80 years old. And to celebrate the occasion it is now being released in a new smoked oak oil limited edition.

Stolab©_Gastrologik_003.jpg Miss Holly together in the company of stars


Jonas Lindvall is behind the interior design for Gastrologik. In close collaboration with Jacob and Anton, he has created an interior that will harmonize with the distinct focus behind the duo's concept, where locally grown produce of the highest quality form the core value.

Stolab© Lilla Snåland 0401.jpg From waste to a unique stool

Lilla Snåland stool

Already in 2016, we were inspired by a then unknown designer to start working with "up cycling". To think new when it comes to transforming waste into new products and which today is part of our daily focus. Lilla Snåland is a three-legged stool where 14 waste pieces from Lilla Åland are glued together into a seat. The podium quickly received a lot of attention and has already been nominated for, and received, several awards.

js-bergstrom-39.jpg Personal, playful and simply fantastic

Villa Kristina

A house designed and built to be in symbiosis with nature on the outside and a warm and welcoming home on the inside, with plenty of space for socializing. Especially at the 7 meter long dining table where 16 Lilla Åland stick chairs in different colors come together and may represent the family's desire to use Swedish suppliers as much as possible.

Stolab©_PMVanner_006.jpg Attracts the whole world to Småland

PM & Vänner

Several years ago, Stolab had the privilege of delivering furniture to Scandinavia's first gastro hotel - PM & Vänner in Växjö. A diverse award-winning company where interior design, cooking and menus are consistently based on the richness of nature with emphasis on forest, meadow and lake.

SFF17Bolon001.jpg A new exciting life for Lilla Åland


Visitors from around the world comes to Bolon in Ulricehamn, Sweden to enjoy the knowledge, culture and entrepreneurship that has made Bolon into a world famous brand and a leading company when it comes to innovative floor solutions for public environments. Since the start, the development of the company has gone hand in hand with a significant consideration for the environment, visible in products, in factory plants and in those environments that represent what Bolon stands for.

Stolab©_Portal_005.jpg High ceilings


On S: t Eriksplan 1 in Stockholm, Portal's restaurant, bar and cooking studio are located in fantastically beautiful bright rooms with such high ceilings that there is room for an extra floor which now houses a large communal table for private sitting.

_A6A5112-Medium-Rez.jpg Nothing beats a distinctive craftsmanship

Rob Kreiger, stonemason

At Stolab, we have a small-scale furniture production where pure craftsmanship is combined with advanced and automated machine technology. We should be the best at what we do when it comes to woodworking. We also work closely with incredibly talented suppliers. One of these is the stonemason Rob Krieger, who makes the marble tops for our table series Tureen.

Stolab©_Fridaskolan_02.jpg With the student and learning in focus

The Frida school

Fridaskolan at Sankt Jörgens Park in Norra Hisingen is a very special school, or rather, a teaching landscape in a school in constant development. At Stolab, we are proud to have been able to deliver 110 Little Åland in solid birch to the school's restaurant.