The chair in the picture is extra equipped.


In collaboration with the designer Anna von Schewen, we have created a really lovely seat cushion, fully customised to fit our Lilla Åland Windsor chair. That little extra that makes the chair even more comfortable to sit on. The seat cushion also has beautiful detail that further enhances the feeling of quality. And it goes without saying the cushion is made by Stolab in Smålandsstenar! 

Suits both old and new Lilla Åland Windsor chairs 
The seat cushion was designed by Anna to suit our Lilla Åland and works just as well with your new chairs or as a complement to your old ones. We have been manufacturing Lilla Åland Windsor chair, designed by Carl Malmsten, since 1942.

The seat cushion comes in three finishes to suit most woods and colours. We have also noticed that our customers want to mix several colours because the three colours match each other.

Smart button on detail and removable fabric in three colours 
To be able to enjoy the seat cushion for many years to come, we have fitted it with a cover that can be removed and washed. The seat cushion is attached to the chair using a smart extender detail that is buttoned in place. This extends to allow the cushion to move when you move about on the chair. This prevents the seat cushion straps from tearing. The seat cushion fabric is available in three of Stolab’s standard fabrics: Blues 9202 (brown beige with brown leather and black piping). Blues 9301 (pink white with light leather and light piping). Linne 01 beige (light linen colour with light leather and light piping). 



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