When the real life begins...

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When the real life begins...

It is rewarding every time we see the furniture we make here in Smålandsstenar* find a new home, take on a role in a particular context and so help create an identity, whether it be in private residences or in public places where people have reason to meet. At Stolab, we strive to make furniture that has soul. A time-consuming, but oh so inspiring and motivating motto, that starts as early as in the design process and then truly takes shape during production.

But it is only when our furniture is in the hands of our customers that its real life begins...

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Four years have already passed since Stolab had the honour of delivering furniture to the first gastro hotel in Scandinavia – PM & Vänner in Växjö, Sweden. A multiple award-winning company in which the interior decorations, culinary arts and menus are consistently inspired by the riches of nature, with particular focus on forests, meadows and lakes. We returned to Växjö to see how it is looking these days and to find out how PM & Vänner has been developing during the years.

Martin Rognefall, part-owner and marketing manager of PM & Vänner

"We have become well-established on the Scandinavian market. Some of our guests come from far abroad so now we're investing in the German, American and Dutch markets.

A sustainable original concept

"What makes our offering unique is that we have been consistently faithful to our concept, which stems from the cornerstones of the forest, meadow and lake themes. We have never copied anyone else or fallen for fleeting trends, but have rather built our brand on our own history. But standing by our original concept does not mean that we are standing still. We are constantly developing our offering in creative ways, which is an absolute must to remain attractive to our guests, many of whom repeatedly return."

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Timeless and brand-building

"From the very beginning it was clear to us that we wanted the materials and design of our furnishings to feel timeless and of a strong branding nature. We didn't want to feel we needed to replace everything after a few years. So that's why we chose to go with high quality furniture and interior decorations throughout. And we know now that we made a good decision, as it all still feels up to date and fresh."

A favourable Småland* climate

"Where possible, we have chosen to collaborate with companies in the region. We find Småland* inspiring, not only from a culinary perspective. There are also so many good manufacturers and suppliers. Those of us who operate in this area all have one thing in common; our heritage influences our way of thinking and of doing business. It's about utilising what is available and creating something you can stand for and feel proud of based on those conditions. Environmental thinking and sustainability are nothing new to us. In Småland, we have always had to take people and the environment into consideration when doing anything. Just simply taking care of what we have.

Stolab is a good example of this and we are very happy with the furniture they delivered to us four years ago. Our guests often compliment us on our furniture and interior decorations."

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Developing without growing

"We have no intention of growing in terms of number of rooms. We feel that the 74 rooms we have are just the right amount for those who visit us for business and pleasure. We would rather develop our basic concept in creative ways that will surprise our guests."

Stolab has delivered Hundranian and Miss Holly chairs to the restaurant, conference centre, hotel rooms and suites.

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