Personal, playful and simply fantastic

It all started when Kristina and Anders got a piece of land. Not one that was easily built on, but gorgeously situated on Näset, a peninsula in south-west Gothenburg. Here, the family's dream became reality in the form of a tailor-made house. The exterior of the house was designed and built to be in symbiosis with nature and the interior to be a warm and welcoming home with ample space for socialising. This is seen in particular in the 7 metre long dining table, which is adorned with 16 Lilla Åland Windsor-style chairs in varying colours to represent the family's wish to use Swedish suppliers as far as possible.


Anders, a car designer who trained at the Stockholm University of Arts, Crafts and Design and the Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, has a particular interest in structure and materials, an interest that he shares with his wife Kristina.

"When we decided to build on our land, we were in total agreement that we wanted to build something special and personal, but at a reasonable cost. We couldn't find any 'sample houses' that corresponded to what we were looking for, and quickly realised that we would need to find an architect who could translate our thoughts and ideas into a house that would suit us. This led to our meeting Gert and Karin Wingård, which marked the start not only of the Villa Kristina construction project, but also of a book from the documentation of the project."

A table stretching from kitchen to lounge

"When selecting materials and furnishings, we tried to choose Swedish suppliers as far as possible. This suits us and suits the house. For us, the kitchen and dining area are the most important place, as it's there that we love to sit and socialise with the family and with friends who come to visit. Early on we had the idea of having a very long table that would stretch from the kitchen to the lounge to connect these spaces. What it came down to was a 7 metre long table, which wasn't all that easy to find. Instead, it had to be specially made for us and was designed by Staffan Holm, an old classmate of mine."

Lovers of Windsor-style chairs

"Then, choosing the Lilla Åland chair wasn't a matter of chance. We truly love Carl Malmsten's classic Windsor-style chair and I have a very special relationship to such chairs since it was part of my thesis work during my studies at the Gothenburg Academy of Design and Crafts. The assignment was to design a Windsor-style chair according to the applicable criteria for such a chair."


Playful colours and comfortable seating

Thanks to Anders' and Kristina's love of Windsor-style chairs, particularly the Lilla Åland chair, we at Stolab were honoured with delivering 16 chairs to their new house. Chairs in four standard designs: black, light blue, light green and natural. We complemented these with three colours of our new Lilla Åland seat cushions.

"The reason we chose different colours for the chairs was because we wanted to divide the table up into different zones - one where we sit and eat, one for working, one for reading and so on. It gave a playful feeling which was enhanced by using different colours for the comfortable cushions."

A visit to the chair factory

"I was even given the opportunity to visit the chair factory in Smålandsstenar. It's always interesting to see the manufacturing and what lies behind a finished product. Stolab is a very good example of how you can develop, improve and modernise a production process without sacrificing its soul."

"We are so grateful for and satisfied with our new house. It turned out exactly as we wanted, with room for the old and the new, play and life, the mundane and the festive."

A tailor-made house is unique and never duplicated. These are the words of Gert Wingård, which can be read in a book that he and his wife Karin wrote about Villa Kristina.

Photo 1 & 2: James Silverman, photo 3: private.