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    Worthful. To the proud owner of furniture from Stolab 

    When you buy an oiled table or storage units from Stolab, we always attach a care kit to keep your furniture as beautiful as possibleYear after year. 

    The story so far 
    At Stolab, we have been manufacturing solid wooden furniture in the same factory in Smålandsstenar, in southern Sweden, since 1907. Our love of solid wood has stayed with us through the years and presents us 
    our designers with constant challengessince it is living material that requires both sensitivity and knowledge to fulfil its potential. For usworking with solid wood also means great respectfor the raw material. Before it reaches our factorybirch wood will have taken about 60 years to reach the right quality. Ash takes about 100 years, and for oak we estimate about 120 yearsThis time has left its uniquevaluable mark on the furniture you have purchased from us. 

    Care and maintenance 
    Because solid wood is a living material, it also needs a little extra care. How the furniture should be cared for depends on the type of surface treatment you have chosen. Out of respect for the material and consideration for the environment, the surface treatment methods we use are as gentle as possible. To retain the original qualities of the furniture and to give it a proper long lifewe recommend that it is cared for as described here. 



  • 2018-12-09

    Videgård restaurant, Stockholm


    Chef and businessman Erik Videgård is always pushing the envelopeHe was one of those who  introduced  Stockholm to authentic Asian cuisine in the 90s. And now he has done it again by introducing the  Nikkei cuisine  to Sweden – a cuisine that offers a  mix of Japanese and Peruvian tastes – a diverse, tasty and particularly surprising culinary fusion. Our Miss Holly upholstered chairs and Miss Holly bar stools fit right in in the new restaurant, which oozes warmth and offers a cosy feeling. 

    Erik Videgård: 
    "Miss Holly has been a favourite of mine for some time. Jonas Lindvall, who designed this range of furniture, is also a very good friend of mine. The bar stool is very comfortable even though it is made entirely of wood. The generous shapes invite guests to take a seat and they love the comfort and warmth of the material. The chair works perfectly with the other furniture and interior space, and its 50's look puts the finishing touches to the style used in Videgård's dining area. Guests sit comfortably and for hours. Another obvious benefit is the fact that the furniture is made in Sweden and is one of a kind." 


    The Videgård restaurant is located in Grand Ecalier's old premises in Sturegallerian and is a part of Stureplansgruppen. The restaurant seats a total of 100 guestsof which 30 can sit in the raw food bar. Videgård opened on 24 September and has already received numerous positive reviews. 

    Photo: Elin Sylwan 


    Stolab at Videgårds 

    Miss Holly bar stool Miss Holly upholstered chair designed by Jonas Lindvall.  

     High-resolution pictures can be downloaded here 

  • 2018-11-28

    Miss Holly Upholstered Chair and Round Table


    Miss Holly Upholstered Chair and Round Table

    In 2018, we expanded our beloved furniture series Miss Holly with a really "well-dressed” upholstered chair and a roundless table in solid wood. Simplicity meets a strong material feeling. The upholstered chair gets completely different expressions depending on the fabric you choose. The pictures shows Miss Holly chairs in different colours of velvet fabrics. The round table can easily seat six people as the table is frameless and has only three legs. Choose between massive oak, birch or ash.

    Design: Jonas Lindvall

    Miss Holly Upholstered Chair Width 65 cm. Height 79 cm. Depth 56 cm. Seat Depth 43 cm. Seat height 45 cm.
    Miss Holly Round Table Ø 130 cm. Height 73 cm.

    Stolab_Lifestyle_October_2018_12-MedRez.jpg Stolab_Lifestyle_October_2018_10-MedRez.jpg

  • 2018-11-21

    New Life™ from Stolab

    Stolab Chair-Lilla Snaland_1.jpg

    Lilla Snåland at the National Museum

    127,000 people. That is how many have visited the new National Museum in Stockholm during the three first weeks since its re-opening on 13 October. The National Museum, which is Sweden's largest art and design museum has been closed for five years for a significant renovation.

    Our Lilla Snåland stool, designed by Marie-Louise Hellgren, is now in the museum. Made from 14 leftover parts from the Lilla Åland chair here at Stolab in Smålandsstenar.

    Cilla Robach, Head curator at the National Museum
    "The National Museum displays art, handicrafts and design from the 1500s up until today, and we have chosen objects that in some way or another reflect the challenges and discussions that were around when the object was created. Lilla Snåland is an excellent example of how you can currently use waste to create a new sustainable product which is both functional and smart."

    Read more about the National Museum 


    New Life from Stolab

    New Life™ is a concept we have created at Stolab to promote ideas, projects and products that, in some way or another, create opportunities for new life within our field of activity. It could be upcycling, recycling, reuse, old products that are brought back to life, new ways of thinking about sustainability, etc. Lilla Snåland is an example of this. New Life™ therefore constitutes part of our wider sustainability approach.


    From waste to chair. Table top to table top

    Peter Bernroth, production manager at Stolab
    "Waste is a word that can have negative connotations, but used correctly it can have completely new qualities. At Stolab we call it manufacturing from 'our own material'. For example it could be a table top that has been damaged or has a defect. When the defect is removed we can make a smaller table top for the Yngve coffee table. We can also make seats for the Lilla Åland children's chair using waste left over from the manufacture of Lilla Åland chairs.”

  • 2018-11-21




    Visitors from around the world come to Bolon in Ulricehamn, Sweden to enjoy the knowledge, culture and entrepreneurship that has made Bolon into a world famous brand and a leading company when it comes to innovative floor solutions for public environments.  Since the start, the development of the company has gone hand in hand with a significant consideration for the environment, visible in products, in factory plants and in those environments that represent what Bolon stands for. Therefore Lilla Åland chairs were a conscious choice when seats were needed for Bolon's Lab Store in 2017, chairs that were then moved from Stockholm to the company's lovely canteen in Ulricehamn. 

    Bolon's sustainability approach really started when the company was founded almost 70 years ago. It was then that founder, Nils-Erik Eklund started manufacturing rag rugs made from vinyl waste from a factory in Stockholm. Now the third generation of the family, Annica and Marie Eklund, are driving the company. They have had one single goal since they took over the company from their parents; to make Bolon into a design-driven, innovative company and unite the conservative, traditional floor industry with the fashion world's limitless creativity and do so in an environmentally-friendly manner.

    From goals to action
    Examples of Bolon's "keystones" within sustainability are Bolon Green which was launched in 2009 and is a holistic concept within environmental issues. The concept was developed in collaboration with the environmental consultant Håkan Nordin, who once upon a time founded Greenpeace Sweden.

    A new recycling plant was built in the company's factory in Ulricehamn in 2014. A plant that takes care of both our own and other's industrial waste. This year an installation method was also launched, Bolon NoGlue, a completely new tape adhesive system that makes it possible for customers to take their floors with them when they move and lay them again. Bolon aims, within the near future, to also be able to take returns of these floors for recycling.

    It ought to be added that Bolon only uses the most sustainably produced conventional PVC on the market, a material that is completely recyclable. 

    A new life with Stolab starts in Stockholm
    During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017, Stolab supplied Bolon's showroom, Bolon Lab Store, on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm with Lilla Åland chairs. There were 60 chairs that we, for various reasons, could not sell as premium items, but which we could breathe new life into with a little polish and new lacquer coating. At the end of the event, the chairs were moved to Bolon's canteen in Ulricehamn.


    Helen Emanuelsson, Chief Business Development Officer, Bolon
    "There are several great Swedish brands that make quality furniture and we really want to help shine a light on these and buy Swedish-made furniture based on sustainability and quality. Lilla Åland is a classic Windsor chair that is perfectly suited to our floors. Also being able to be part of giving a new life to second-rate chairs feels great and we are very pleased with the chairs we now have in our canteen."

    Much in common with Stolab
    "Our lunch canteen is not just there for the staff. We often have visits from customers and architectures from around the world, and want them to experience good, Swedish design. That applies as well to our guest house, The Lake House, where we also have Lilla Åland chairs. Although we bought these ones completely new several years ago."
    "At Bolon we have kept on manufacturing in Sweden as it gives us full control over production, quality and lead times. Thus we have much in common with Stolab." 


    Read more abot Bolon.

    Photo 1: Lilla Åland, New Life at Bolon Lab Store in Stockholm 2017. Photo: Bolon
    Photo 2: Lilla Åland, New Life in the canteen at Bolon in Ulricehamn. With a new lacquer coating in a colour especially selected by the customer, the chairs were as good as new. Photo: Bolon
    Photo 3: Lilla Åland Windsor chair in Bolon's guest house, The Lake House, in Ulricehamn. These chairs are not part of Stolab New Life™ but were bought new. Photo: Bolon

  • 2018-10-31

    Rob Krieger


    Nothing beats distinguished craftsmanship

    At Stolab, we run a small-scale furniture manufacturing facility where pure craftsmanship merges with advanced, automated machine technology. We strive to be the best at woodworking. And we also have close collaboration with incredibly talented suppliers. One of whom is stone mason Rob Krieger who manufactures the marble table tops for our Tureen table range.

    Rob Krieger, stone mason
    "I started as an apprentice in Australia and the UK. That's how I learned the craft itself. I was later able to develop my skills in stone cutting, architectural construction, interior design, sculptures and more."

    After many successful years in the UK, Rob moved to Sweden. Following a number of years in employment, he started his own company which now goes under the name of Rob Krieger Stone AB. Among his customers, you will find architects, artists, designers and manufacturers such as Stolab and Ballingslöv.

    Each table top poses a new challenge

    When it comes to our Tureen table tops, Rob starts with raw slabs of Italian marble which he then reduces with a machine to the right size with a rounded edging. Using an angle grinder, he manually sculpts out the sink in each marble slab. Then the table top is polished and impregnated before being delivered to Stolab in Smålandsstenar. No further maintenance of the table top is needed in the future.

    "Each slab and type of material brings challenges with it. It is the varied nature of the natural materials, creative process and knowledge of where the end result is that really makes me love what I do."


  • 2018-10-29

    Stolab Klasens hus 20188747.jpg

    Stolab's exclusive Prio storage range is expanding

    We are now launching three new products at Stolab in our highly rated storage range, Prio: Chest of drawers with four drawers, Chest of drawers with three drawers and Low sideboard, 62 cm in height with doors and drawers.

    Prio storage is a range where the possibilities of solid wood meet designer Måns H Sjöstedt's ability to interpret us and the values we wish to convey through our furniture. It is a timeless range with a certain retro feel which conveys an exclusive impression through close attention to detail and a deep feeling for material.

     When Prio was launched just over two years ago, the idea was to find an exclusive storage range with a deep feeling for material, which could expand based on different needs and functional requirements. All components in the range function on their own, but have a common design. Being able to offer various storage solutions, which include drawers, now further increases what is possible. For example, the low storage unit can be used as lounge furniture, media bench, etc.

    Måns H Sjöstedt, Yellon, designer for Prio
    “In terms of design, it was important to find forms with qualities that last over time, with well-balanced proportions and carefully fashioned details which emphasise the material and the craftsmanship that exists at Stolab. Instead of adding different details, it was about holding back and allowing the material to speak for itself. Functions and values have been added by removing material and this in particular has given Prio a clear identity. A recess in the solid top brings out a beautiful bowl shape which “frames” and also keeps things in place. The recess emerges again in the beautiful oval or round handles and the rounded leg posture.”

    Prio is manufactured in solid oak or birch and is available in clear lacquer, light matt lacquer, oil or in a colour.


    Stolab's Prio storage range includes:  Glass-fronted cabinet. Low cabinet. High cabinet. High sideboard. Low sideboard 80. They are all available in different versions. NEW PRODUCT. Chest of drawers with four drawers. NEW PRODUCT Chest of drawers with three drawers. NEW PRODUCT Low sideboard 62.

    High-resolution pictures can be downloaded here.

  • 2018-10-24

    Stolab Chair-Lilla Snaland_1.jpg

    Lilla Snåland Stool, part of New Life at Stolab, is one of the finalist in the design competition Sustainable Chairs. A competition where Svensk Form will announce the chair which will be the Swedish contribution to UN´s Climate summit COP24 in Katowice, Poland during December.
    To be able to give products new life makes us feel hope.
    The competition is hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers in collaboration with Danish Design Centre, DOGA, Iceland Design Centre, Ornamo in Finland and Swedish Form.

    The UN climate summits, i.e. so called COP (Conference of the Parties) are global conferences, in the course of which action for climate policy is negotiated.

  • 2018-10-24


    marmor lindvall_2494.jpg

    Autoropa. A place where dreams come true and are kept alive

    Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and McLaren. Brands that tickle the senses and that we can all relate to in one way or another. And your senses are certainly tickled when you visit Autoropa in Malmö. A full-service company for carefully selected exclusive cars. A place where nothing is left to chance. A place where dreams can come true, or simply be kept alive for those who wish. It is also a place for our Miss Holly bar stool and table, Wrap easy chair and Tureen nesting table. All designed by Jonas Lindvall and manufactured by Stolab in Smålandsstenar.

    Autoropa's story has its beginnings in 1934 and, in the years since, has seen everything from the manufacturing of the Hudson motor car to the sales of aircraft. Autoropa has also been an authorised retailer and shop for a number of car brands.

    In the beginning of the 90s, they also started selling and servicing exclusive cars. It was such a success that it ended up being the foundation of Autoropa's continued business idea. A direction that the Larsson brothers, Filip and Jens, took to new levels when they acquired the company in 2002. Today, they conduct business in five different locations in Stockholm and Malmö.

    Jens Larsson, part-owner and interior manager at Autoropa
    "Sweden has a long history of sports cars. There has always been a market for exclusive cars and customers who make great demands, not only during the purchase itself, but throughout ownership. We decided early on that we would be the best in the industry by consistently delivering quality, service, expertise and the ever-so-important finishing touch – giving customers the best experience, creating long-term loyalty. All the events we organise are an important part of these efforts. In order to be the best, we need to have knowledgeable, dedicated employees who are proud to represent Autoropa. And we combine our people with superior presentations of our concept in venues that are a touch above the rest in terms of interiors and exteriors. Our ability to think holistically is critical for delivering great experiences to our customers."

    Escape to the car showroom

    "Our clientele is extremely homogeneous and we are good at being seen in the right contexts. Regardless, it is important to us that our showroom be a place of escape for those who dream of these cars and that they have the opportunity to stroll around and look at a plethora of wonderfully stylish cars, all in one place. This is one of the reasons we have windows for looking into our service and maintenance hall for our own and our customers' cars. It should be possible to see our entire operations."

    marmor lindvall_0055.jpg

    The car showroom's meeting point has achieved Pole Position. The Miss Holly bar stools and table, Wrap easy chair and Tureen nesting table all come from Stolab. The kitchen island in reddish Sequoia marble is from Ballingslöv and manufactured by Rob Krieger, who also manufactured the marble Tureen table tops.

    Raised and solid

    We have been collaborating with Jonas Lindvall for a long period of time, which is why it was only natural to give him the task of designing "the meeting point" in which customers and employees alike can have a seat. The area consists of a raised podium at the centre of the showroom – a place where 'solid' takes the shape of a kitchen island and table tops of solid marble and furniture of solid wood.

    Jonas Lindvall, architect and designer
    "Exclusiveness has a lot to do with material choices. The reddish Sequoia marble of the Ballingslöv kitchen island goes remarkably well together with the oiled oak of Stolab's furniture. The contrasts between these and the cars are very exciting."

    Three traditions meet

    "The basic idea behind my Autoropa interior design was to find materials and suppliers that not only match Autoropa's environment, but that also have a value base that rhymes with Autoropa's. We're talking about three totally different product areas, cars, kitchen design and furniture, but all three companies have a long history of building up an enormous knowledge bank in each area.  Here, there is a real, genuine passion for what they do with managers that are truly uplifting and caring of all their employees. The work environment is an important part of this mindset."

    Jens Larsson, part-owner and interior manager at Autoropa
    "We are really happy with the results and are constantly receiving positive feedback from our visitors."

    The entirety that determines the experience

    In addition to selling and servicing Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and McLaren and being the authorised service partner for Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover, the company holds 150 to 160 events a year, of which Autoropa Racing Days is the most notable. An annual convention where you not only have the opportunity to see an astonishing range of sports cars, but also to test drive them on a track. There is one other part-owner of the company, namely Martin Nelson, a racing driver and also manager of Autoropa's own racing team.

    As one of very few companies in the world, Autoropa enjoys the position of being an authorised service point of the McLaren F1 super car, a limited-edition car manufactured between 1993 and 1998.


    Photos: Max Alm-Norell, Ballingslöv

  • 2018-10-07

    Fair Orgatec in Cologne 23-27 October

    From 23 to 27 October you can find us inn Hall 10.1, stand C-041. You will see solid wood furniture, produced in our own factory in Sweden.
    See you there!

    Read the invitaiotn here.


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