Made in Sweden
Our in-house manufacturing facility in Smålandsstenar is at the heart of our operations It is here that pride in our profession and our expertise are most clearly expressed and where what we say is put into action. It is here that we perform our craft and our curiosity of new methods and technologies comes into play.

It is also here that we meet our designers, innovate new furniture and constantly refine what we already do well. It is through our own manufacturing that we can display and communicate the differences from one chair to the next, detail by detail. It is our inhouse manufacturing and manufacturing expertise that make us unique.  It’s here that things get real.

Solid wood
Solid wood is the common denominator of all our products and is well in line with the level of quality we want our furniture to embody. We love solid wood as it is a challenging and inspiring ’living’ material that demands respect and patience. And it is particularly in the details that solid wood, our expertise and our craftsmanship come into their own.

Making the right choices from the beginning is a condition for manufacturing timeless furniture. More specifically, only choosing wood that has been allowed to grow and develop slowly and in an environmentally sound way.

Our actions today make an impression on future generations and become the hallmark of Stolab. We have an underlying belief that, although we may be a small part of a greater context, we nonetheless make a difference. We should ensure that we  do whatever we can to contribute to a healthy environment. This is why we give a little extra thought when making decisions. We want to make a positive contribution rather than a negative impact, which includes our products, our work environment and our manufacturing facilities.

For us sustainability and timelessness are synonymous. We strive to make furniture that clearly has soul and character. Furniture that is truly contemporary, but where its quality, design and function only makes it more beautiful with time and it can be used and appreciated by many generations to come.

New Life™ is a part of our wider sustainability approach